Silver Remote Channel up won't work - DirecTV

The silver remote for the main U-verse box is mostly working. We have trouble getting the TV/receiver on with the remote, but eventually both will come one - but we have to press the power button hard and have to move the remote around until we get to a "sweet spot". It will let us get to the guide, menu, DVR recordings, actually just about anywhere. What it won't let us do is channel up or down (Yes, we've replaced the batteries). To change the channel we have to go to the guide and use the navigation buttons to get to the channel we want. Since the remote will work on everything else, the troubleshooting provided is worthless. We've had U-verse now for about 7 years, so our equipment is getting older. Maybe we've done something by using the remote so often or pressing the buttons too hard? We wanted to just get a new remote, but evidently that is impossible because the website says to call a 1-800 number, but when we call the number it tells us to go to the website, which again tells us to call the number and yada yada yada. We're just getting the runaround. We don't know if there's any way to fix the channel up and down - and that's really the only thing wrong. And, if there is a way, neither one of us is mechanically inclined, so we could hurt the remote more. Any suggestions for a fix or a way to get a new remote?

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