I have a tiny Xfnitiy Dolby Technicolor remote box attached to my small Emerson flat screen TV.
The remote for it used to work but the battteries died a while ago and now after replacing batteries with new ones it only turns the tv on and off. I bought a universal remonte and no matter what code I enter the little cable box doesn't respond.
Yes, the green light is on and the cables are correctly attached. I can manually turn the TV on and off also, but the channels through the box are not changing. I do get reception of one cable channel only . I have other similar xfinity remotes for other rooms that I tried but they don't change the channels for the cable box either.
There are two numbers on the inside battery compartment of the remote: 3067ABC2-R and beneath is: C121201.
Can anyone help me re-program this remote? Thanks!

This question, "SIMPLE SMALL XFINITY CABLE REMOTE PROBLEM," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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