's Cord-Cutting DVR Set to Ship in June


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By Mark Hachman

In June, cord cutters could get a new pair of scissors:, a DVR that can be attached to either a digital antenna or a basic cable connection.

"It's basically a TiVo experience, but remoted onto a connected television," said Mark Ely, the founder and chief executive of Put another way, it's a DVR for connected television, he said.

The box will ship in June, Ely said. Users can preorder the box on the Web site.

The $149 box comes with a couple of catches, however: a single tuner, as well as an optional $4.99 monthly fee. That fee is required, however, if the user wants to schedule a recording. Otherwise, a manual recording is the only option.

In fact, also requires users to pay the fee for an electronic program guide, or to receive "rich information" about a user's television shows. Users will also need to own or buy a connected device, such as a Google TV, Boxee, Roku, or iPad, plus a USB hard drive for storage.
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My opinion is that this just isn't a good option. $5 a month for electronic program guide and the ability to schedule recordings? Give me a break! The only real benefit I see is that you can stream to multiple TVs and mobile devices. Single tuner... Come on!!! Add a second tuner, an advertiser supported EPG, and free scheduled recording, and this would start looking attractive to me, but at this point it just looks like a money sucking machine. Sort of like pay-TV.

Jason Fritz

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Right. I fail to see the point behind a device that allows you the freedom of having a DVR for over-the-air TV (for folks that do not want to pay monthly cable rates) and then charging a monthly fee.

A comment on a news story from Gigaom says it all,

Ok, so here’s the numbers. To replicate a dual tuner TiVo Premiere on a TV, you’d need:2’s at $150 each
2 USB drives at $50 each
1 Roku at $50
Total = $450 and you still have a $5/mo subscription.

TiVo Premiere: $100
TiVo Lifetime: $400
Total: $500

It’s not a very good replacement for a TiVo. OTOH, if you want to watch most of your TV on phones, tablets or computers, it’s probably a better option.
Key words, "and you will still have a $5/mo subscription."


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Yup, just what I was saying - just buy a lifetime TiVo Premiere and be done with it... $500 and no monthly fees. It works with antenna and cable.

Or build a HTPC for around the same price if you shop carefully.

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