since conversion, dvd player has sound and no picture


I'm not much of a tech person around video. I went to play a new dvd the other day, and had sound but no picture. Thinking it was the dvd, I tried an old dvd that had always worked fine, but got the same result. Checked that all cables were connected, everything was fine. Turned everything off and on again, no change. The new dvd works fine in my computer and in my portable (car) dvd player. I assumed it was the (first) dvd player which is about 7-8 years old. Then I went to visit my brother for a few days, and we tried the new dvd there, again had sound but no picture. He tried one of his other dvds, one that had always worked, but same result. He had not watched a dvd in a while, but the dvd player had previously worked fine, and he had not moved anything or changed any cabling since it last worked.

The only thing that happened to both of us is the digital conversion, since we had both watched dvds on our systems with no problem before that. I've googled and looked on this site but haven't seen any similar problems.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Brand name of the troubled DVD player and the televisions they're hooked up to, would be helpful.

Maybe you have the video input selection wrong.

Also, some TVs take preference over which video input is used in an input group. If that's the case, you'd have to disconnect the other inputs that are not from the DVD player.


Hi divxhacker,

Thanks for your reply. Both the tv and dvd player are Sony. What's odd is that it worked fine before (for years), now doesn't. Cabling was not at all changed from when it worked. Same at my brother's house. Would the digital transition force a change in cabling?