Single camera vs multi-camera television shows


Perhaps you may not notice but some television shows /series are shot with one camera and some are filmed with two or more cameras. With single-camera shoots... If there is dialog between two people the "person on the left" will read all her lines. Then the "person on the right" will read all his lines. The dialog will be edited together in post production. Some feel this technique gives a more cinematic feel. There is also more control over each shot since it has to be set-up specifically for the shot.

Hogan's heroes, The Munsters, and The Andy Griffith Show are single-shots. I Love Lucy used multiple cameras. Modern Family is shot single camera style.

The Honeymooners was shot using multiple cameras. (Photo: Wikipedia)

It seems that the popularity of each method comes and goes over the year


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Of course, there is also more potential for bloopers I think with single shot, specifically continuity bloopers. Hair and such can easily change before and after lunch, for example. Those are some of my favorite goofs that I notice.


The old Doctor Who used to be filmed with multiple cameras, while the new series uses just one:

One of the main differences in style from the original series, Doctor Who (1963), is that this series is recorded entirely on single camera, whereas studio scenes in the old series were usually recorded on multi-camera. This enables episodes of this series to be edited far better than the old series and allows directors to inject far more energy, pace and action into it. It also means that this series requires more time and money spent on recording it. (IMDb)