Sister and Housemate Bamboozled Into Switching from Uverse - DirecTV

Recently, I learned my sister and housemate (who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's) were visited at their home (St. Louis, MO area) by a salesperson who said he represented AT&T Uverse. My sister and her housemate had subscribe to U-verse cable for their TV service. The salesperson convinced them that they HAD to switch to DirecTV because AT&T Uverse would be ending. They did not look into the issue to verify what the salesperson claimed was actually true. They had to have a dish receiver installed and pay for the switch from Uverse to DirecTV and the related expenses.

They experienced reception trouble Nov. 2016 with the DirecTV service and experienced much exaspiration with the Customer Service Representative via phone in order to get their DirecTV service restored. When my sister told me of her exaspiration, I told her that as far as I knew Uverse was not ending in the forseeable future. My husband and I have Uverse and would never switch to any satellite dish service. I investigated the issue and have found a number of posts on the Uverse forum regarding others who were mislead by sales people and switch unhappily to DirecTV.

My sister and her housemate want to change back to Uverse. What phone number should she call and to whom should she ask to speak with regarding returning to Uverse service? Personal opinion: I think what the sales person did was delplorable. My sister's housemate has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and her judgement isn't all that great these days. Even though the sales person didn't know that the housemate suffered with Alzheimer's, I feel it was dishonest to mislead them. I really think the costs of switching from Uverse to DirecTV and back to Uverse should not be charged to my sister and her housemate.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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