slow intertnet - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "slow intertnet", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I pay for the highest package time warner has to offer 60mbps welll i usualy run 24mbps download somtimes 30mbps. I even had cable company do a test their machine says fifty4 soon as he leave mine says 24 mbps and i have used a few programs to test my connection not just one. I feel as if i am being robbed why not go down the the 30mbps save money but from what i read the people with the 30mpb package only gettiing 10mpbs or less how can Time Warner Cable continute to charge me for speeds i do not ever come close to. their is only two of us in the house so no more that three items will ever use internet at same time but ususalu only 2mbp. And donmt give me any nonsence about equiptment or testing this or that ive done it all. I just want what i pay for is that to hard to ask. does anyone know where i can report this its really fraud in my opinion.

This topic covered slow intertnet, and TWC cable internet service.