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This question is about "Slow Upload Speed At Prime Time When Streaming", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hello. I have been having issues for the past couple of weeks with Spectrum. I am a livestreamer who uses the service of

During prime time (5-11PM CEST) I can barely get 1500 kbps of upload speed. I have tried many different servers on Twitch: Dallas, San Francisco, NY, Miami, etc. and nothing has worked so far.

I have called spectrum's customer service multiple times and they don't take my issue seriously. They always blame Twitch's servers. The always try to do a speed test at and obviously I get the desired results (I am not surprised, since they must have this website as a priority one).

There is no wireless latency, since my computer is directly connected to the router. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below are more information regarding my situation.

  1. San Antonio, Texas
  2. 300/20 Mbps
  3. NetGear C6250
  4. Firmware: V1.01.17
  5. TWC speedtest: 250/8.44 (12-12-16 6:16PM CEST
  6. Cable Connection Info
  7. pathping
  8. tracert
  9. Issue streaming in and it gets worse if somebody else is using the wifi.
    I live in an apartment complex.
  10. Are any background tasks running that upload or download data automatically, e.g., backup programs, torrent client, file/photo/music sync, auto program/app update, etc.? No

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