Sluggish TV Sales Create Huge Glut of LCD Panels

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Sluggish TV Sales Create Huge Glut of LCD Panels - DailyFinance

From the article:

"Lower-than-expected flat-screen TV sales worldwide have created a glut in liquid-crystal display (LCD) panels that's unlikely to dissipate anytime soon. Even with the release of new products such as 3-D TV's, according to two separate reports released this week." ...

... "The lack of demand caused LCD TV prices, which had risen in July, to fall in August." ...


I went out to fry's today, to check out the Samsung Series 6 650. They are right at $1500. The comparage LG model is very close. Looking at some of those sets over $4,000 I didn't see what looked like 'recession pricing'.


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if you want a nice price, try this: shop black Friday, (duh) and during the run up to Super Bowl.

Better price? right after new years or Super Bowl. Check out the (perfectly good) returned sets at Sam's club or Costco. Full warranty, and you might even try to get them to kick in the extended warranty for free.


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Great ideas but I don't go out in the middle of those messes. I have never and will never participate in those death runs for bargains.