Small Battery Powered TVs.

I would like to purchase a small battery powered TV. to use in locating the best place to mount an antenna on a house. The TV. would need to be small enough to attach to a short piece of antenna mast along with an antenna. I would also like to be able to use the TV. during power outages or for use outdoors. Who sells a good small TV. for this type of use?
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I also use a portable TV to check reception before putting up a big antenna. It makes a great demo for prospective installs!

I have an RCA and an Aviant, both 7". Both have good picture quality. Neither is perfect. I suggest you buy from a retailer with a liberal return policy, as the specs given are neither complete nor accurate for these TV sets.

The RCA has a poorer tuner than the Aviant, it has no channel data except channel name / number. It does have a signal meter, but its major drawback is that it does not have a hard power off switch. It is always on, waiting for the remote to wake it up. The batteries need charging within a week or two! And like every other portable of this size I've seen, the case is sealed and it takes a custom hard wired battery.

The Aviant also has a permanent non-changable battery, but it does have a hard power off switch. It holds power for months, but I would still prefer replaceable AA or AAA batteries. It has better channel data, a much better tuner, and input for audio / video via composite (RCA) breakout jack. But, it doesn't have a signal meter!

I paid around $60 for the RCA (on sale) and I rarely use it. The Aviant was in the clearance aisle of K-Mart for $25. It had been returned, and it was obvious that the person that returned it simply never did a channel scan, as it was still set to cable. It has pretty good reception even with the supplied 2 foot retractable rod antenna. I use it often, and though it has no meter I still prefer to use it for installs rather than the RCA.

For emergency use, I suggest you find one with a car adapter for recharging, or buy one. (Both of mine did not come with a car plug)
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I found a RCA RTV86073 at Walmart, its a 7 inch widescreen with auto scan add channels with a power off switch, I could not get the set to turn on with the remote. Also has a signal meter and can select channels while checking signal strength. I used it with a antennas direct C-4 last night and am happy with it. Battery life is about 100 minutes and it has no RCA cable jack, or car adapter for emergency use.