Small cable networks could get pushed into deals

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Small cable networks could get pushed into deals - Yahoo! News

From the article:

"Small independent cable networks could be forced to sell themselves to larger media conglomerates in the next 12 months as their profits are squeezed by pay TV operators looking to cut programing costs." ...

... "Programing costs are expected to rise 7 percent this year due to pressure from large media groups that own broadcast networks. These media titans -- Walt Disney Co, News Corp, NBC Universal -- are demanding cash for the right to carry the big broadcast networks, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC." ...
This seems similar to the loss of Mom and Pop grocery stores across the Country in the 1960s and 1970s.


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How can small cable providers compete with the big guys though. Has to be difficult, especially when you consider the amount of support and logistics of maintaining your customers.

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