Small X1 Box won't connect



Main Box Model PX013ANM; S/N MA1531EG1995

Bedroom Small Box XiD-P Model: Pace PXD014ANI; /N PAM60466560

Since replacing the Main Box (above is the new one), the Main Box works properly but the small box won't connect. I have refreshed, restarted, unplugged, etc. and nothing works. They both were working before the main box was replaced. We replaced the small box yesterday and have exhausted all options except having a technician come out, which we do not want to do during COVID. This should be able to be handled over the phone, but we can't seem to get anyone with expert knowledge. I have had 3 lengthy calls, all failed and tried the same exact things. All the cables are tight and correctly attached. I would attach images of boxes and tvs but this doesn't allow. Can anyone help?

"Small X1 Box won't connect," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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