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This question is about "SMTP settings for use with Thunderbird?", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I need help with the SMTP settings for thunderbird. I can receive email but I get a timed out error message when I try to send email. I tried mutiple settings from various forums and none have worked. I used the settings listed on the spectrum support site and the spectrum support via online chat have said they don;t support 3rd party email clients i.e. thunderbird, outlook, etc. anymore. i have a emaill address. Before sending email, I turned off the firewall and security software so I know that those programs aren't interfering.
No other network issues that I know of. Spectrum webmail works.

1: Server name. I assume is still correct?

2: Port. I assume 587 is still correct?

3: Connection security: Do I use: (a) None, or (b) STARTTLS, or (c) (SSL/TLS?

4: Authentication method: Do I use: (a) No authorization, or (b) Normal password, or (c) Encrypted password?

Spectrum support site doesn't give any instruction on #3 and #4.

Any help is appreciated.

SMTP settings for use with Thunderbird??