SNL Kagen TV stations multiplatform analysis '12 update


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New digital networks, mobile TV channels expand content options

By Justin Nielson

We have updated our U.S. TV station database for 2012 to feature even more data and analysis on HD and digital multicast channel listings, including all live
mobile DTV stations and channels along with those announced to launch by the end of the year. Also new for this year's edition is a breakout for every
digital multicast and mobile TV network with the number of affiliates for each and the last five years' worth of M&A data when available for the 2,458 U.S.
licensed TV stations in rated markets covered in the analysis...

Based on our updated 2012 analysis of digital TV station programming offerings (HD, multicasts and mobile TV), the total number of live over-the-air
broadcast channels for the 1,726 full-power digital stations jumped to 4,552 from 2,518 at year-end 2010.

That year-over-year increase of 2,034 live digital and mobile TV channels in the U.S. has a lot to do with expanded multicast network programming options
from new startups such as Antenna TV, Bounce TV, Live Well, This TV, Me-TV, The Cool TV, The Country Network and others expanding their reach to
more than 600 stations...
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