Snowing here in PA!

We could reeeeeeeealy use a little global warming around here. High of minus 8 predicted for Monday. That's not wind chill. Wind chill expected to go below minus 40.

Well we have snow in the Wind River Basin of Wyoming. They said we would get about an inch, but last time I looked it's closer to 4" and still coming down.


My son had a flight to East TX out of Phila but the snow caused us to reschedule for the next day (Fri). he is going to intern at a video/media production company/school..which is really cool. I will have to visit TX and see what it is all about. While at the airport I spied a lot of football fans-mostly Eagles logos. I think some of the people were related to the game judging by the expensive watches and non-WalMart NFL-wear. I don't think the Saints fans are wearing their gear. They say it is not a good idea-might just be hype. I heard the Philly cops will be undercover wearing Saints gear as they walk the stadium...rooting out the trouble-makers. There is actually a court room under the they can process the drunks and UFC-wanabes.
We lived in Pittsburgh for the past 18 months and faced that harsh early morning temps. Born and raised in Wilkes-Barre so we were used to the snow. But yea, crazy winter we are having this year all around.