So much for loyalty - DirecTV

Dear faceless AT&T representatives,

I know only other customers will see this and the chance of AT&T actually caring is slim to none, but as there is no other way to contact you other than phone (been there done that), here it goes.

My household has been an AT&T customer since the 60's (I'm counting Pacific Bell who was a splinter company for a couple decades). I added cable two years ago and now my deals are expiring. When I tried to renew and get some sort of discount your first representative was misleading and I guess misunderstood what I was asking. When I called again (as my confirmation had a higher bill than he quoted) I was told he didn't offer what it sounded like he did and they would in no way work with me to give me a better deal than their normal price. I have been a loyal customer and didn't even look at other companies when I decided to renew. I have since, and found I can get 5 times the internet service and equal tv and phone for less than half the price that AT&T offered. And that was the highest price! How does that compute?

If AT&T actually reads this and wants to negotiate a better deal, I'm willing, but I'm not making the first move anymore. Otherwise they just lost a loyal customer.

This question, "So much for loyalty," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.