So now I have HD but ....


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Why is it on some of the channels, my guide box is what I call squished? Instead of filling out the entire screen as it does on non-HD channels, it's more of a box; it's narrower. I hate it. I noticed on the non-HD channels the blue label box that tells you what you're watching suddenly doesn't go all the way across either.

Related, maybe, but some channels on HD seem to change to that same "squished" square box, while others don't. I don't want it to.

Anyone knows what causes this weirdnessw?

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When you see your squished box, is the program/movie you are viewing shown in the correct perspective? There should be a button on your remote control unit marked 'screen' or 'size' or 'wide' that allows you to control the shape of the picture showing on your screen. When you change the perspective, does the squished box change shape?



From the way you describe this, I am not sure I am answering your question, but here goes. My LG TV, allows me to take a sub-channel is SD format and stretch it full screen. If the station I am watching is broadcasting in HD with 16.9 format, my TV won't stretch it, it will allow me to make it somewhat larger. So here is what happens to me. I am watching a program, playing in 4.3 format, being broadcast on an HD channel, I don't have the ability to make that 4.3 program, stretch across the screen, but when a program on the same HD channel, is in a 16.9 format it takes the full screen. Everyone has their own taste, but personally I don't like to stretch a 4.9 format to 16.9, but the ratio or screen button on your remote does give you some options, at least with the SD channels.


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TV manufacturers have differing ways of dealing with formats, and the formats themselves come into play when trying to change format. For example, on my Philips LCD, I can force a 16:9 format program into a 4:3 box, but I can only stretch a 4:3 program to 16:9 sometimes, and only on some channels. Yet, on some of my converter boxes, I have no problem forcing a 16:9 or 4:3 into whatever format I choose. And also, when getting input from a PC or upconvert DVD/Blu Ray at 1080p, it is "unscalable" on the Philips.

And this brings up one of my pet peeves about DTV: When a station screws up, and forces a program into a pillarbox inside a letterbox, and I am forced to watch a little 32" image in the middle of a 52" screen.

But one thought, Orry: If your TV is set to "Automatic" for picture format, it's adjusting the picture according to what the signal tells it to do. Select "16:9" (widescreen) or "4:3" through you menu, and see if that changes things.


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Thanks all. I've talked with a few different folks and it's somewhat like Pogi says in that it's all how the station is transmitting in HD and different stations do different things. My TV is always set at 16:9. I hate that 4:3 thing. So, in short, there isn't anything I can really do about it. My sister says hers is like that as well. But I hate it ... like Pogi said again, I have a 50 inch screen and watching that squished box does not make me happy at all!