So tired of company's that USE people and say they care in commercials. - DirecTV

I have no idea who to call or address this to at this point but I will put it here for the record as well as every place else I can. I bought a phone and service from the Jefferson City Store on 11/4/16. The reason is because of crappy service with another provide. The salesman did not smile at all and claimed it was because his dad was a drill sgt. When he learned I was transferring from a certain provider he seemed bother and claimed it could take as long as five hours. I asked how long they were open and of course it was not five more hours. When I asked what do I do if it takes that long and he claimed he did not know. I told him to proceed and he was not happy. It started taking long at which point I asked if he could call and expedite it and he said no. so I called my old service and within minutes the switch was made. I asked about how to use the phone and he said a quick start was included. I worked all night to figure the phone out and needed to know how because of a very important call I was getting the in 2 days. I made sure the battery was full and went to bed. Today is that day and at 3pm I had not received the call. I looked at the phone and to my horror it had shut off. I plugged it in to see if the call had came and it kept shutting back off and showed the battery as completely dead. I was not even able to call Att for help. Now I was madder than I was at the service I had just left for this very thing. I grabbed the phone and headed back to the Att store where I got it and when I walked in , is was full to the max of customers. I looked to my right and there were people standing there and I asked if they were waiting, and they said yes. I asked some more at a table and they said yes as well. One lady told me I had to put my name on a list and pointed to a screen displayed from the ceiling. I said how do I do that and then an Att person asked my if I wanted my name on the list and how to spell it. I commented to him that this was ridiculous and was his manager aware of this.Then I asked if the manager was working as well and he said he is in the back room,and did I want to see him and I said yes. He went to get him. As I looked around trying to see the # of employees, I saw about 5 maybe 6. One was standing at the door idle. (I guess he was the one that should have told me about the list). I spoke to a Gentleman waiting who agreed that it was ridiculous and that something needed to be done. The manger appeared and I asked him where all his help was and did he not have on call people. He claimed if I wanted to "find him some people to hire, he would hire them". I asked why the guy at the door could not be working instead of standing and he told me to calm down and he would not address me if I did not stop "upsetting him". I said "upsetting YOU?" I am already way more upset than you could ever be because of this phone I got here yesterday, and he cut me off again and said he would call the cops and I said for what. He said "The way I was acting". So I told him, there was a store full of people there and I was not acting any way what soever but that I was very upset and was complaining and NOW he was making it worse. He said he had been a manger for 15 years and never had a customer act this way and I said I have been a manager for 50 and never seen a MANAGER act this way. He asked me to leave or he would call the cops. I stood there and said do whatever he needed to do and he went to call the police. In the meantime I asked for his name and a corporate # and BORROWED a customers phone to call the corp#. I Chinese lady answered and I could barley understand her and she kept saying something over and over about go phone can help me and I KEPT saying what was happening IN THE STORE and she just didn't get it one bit. I asked the china corp lady to tell the store manager to provide me a phone to speak to them on (SINCE MINE DID NOT WORK) and when I tried to hand the manager the phone, he REFUSED to speak to her. The police showed up, asked me what was going on and said I had to leave cause the manager said so. They said its just for today. The customers whose phone I was using came out to retrieve their phone, and I took my broken phone, no help, madder than ever self, and came to this site. I tried to set up an account to seek help on this site and guess what it says.......GO PHONE NOT PROVIDED! UNBELIEVABLE..not. So even though I just quit one bad service for a FAR WORSE ONE,,,,,AND BOUGHT A PHONE AND SET UP AUTO PAY....I wouldn't put up with another power hungry manager again with ATT to save my life. In fact,,,,,I don't even have internet on my phone to keep it nice and simple. I talk and text only. I am 62 years old and have been a crises manager all my life for stores just like this one I entered today. It is always the attitude of the manager that sets the pace, work ethics, and attitudes of all employees under them, and I address this too because when I asked this manager why that employee(I pointed to the guy standing idle at the front door) could not be better utilized along with himself instead of being in the back room, and THAT EMPLOYEE came over and interrupted me and said "hey I don't know why your pointing at me I just got there so I don't appreciate that" at which time I said I was referencing was the "spot" rather than him . So it was THEN I knew its the managers lack of skill to get in gear when its needed and MANAGE. What he managed to do was make me madder than I was when I walked in AND make other customers wait further while he dealt with the police call and explanation and scene in the store, and that makes ZERO sense. I will also be leaving Att and will continue to service hop until I find one that tells the truth in its commercials about the importance and value of its customers and I advise ALL PEOPLE to do the same. If you don't, you are nothing more than a bill payer for their profit. Oh yes....I MISSED MY CALL.

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