So what's the Mobile DTV standard called? ATSC-MPH or ATSC-M/H


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Just to add to what Trip said,

MPH or Mobile-Pedestrian-Handheld is the trademark of a modification of the 8VSB modulation system used for transmission of digital television using the ATSC system. The modification addresses a constraint of conventional ATSC transmission, in that reliable reception is difficult or impossible when the receiver is moving. The technology was jointly developed by LG and Harris. The name is a wordplay on MPH, the ubiquitous (in the U.S.) acronym for miles per hour.

ATSC-M/H (Advanced Television Systems Committee - Mobile/Handheld) is a candidate standard in the USA for mobile digital TV, that allows TV broadcasts to be received by mobile devices[1]. Its official appellation is A/153.

Just as the DVB-H and 1seg are mobile TV extentions to the DVB-T and ISDB-T terrestrial digital TV standards respectively, ATSC-M/H is a suggested extension to the available digital TV broadcasting standard ATSC A/53.
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The standard is ATSC-M/H.

LG and Harris have a trademark on the name ATSC-MPH.

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I'm just plain confused. lol So the correct way to reference Mobile DTV it is ATSC-M/H from here on out? We're actually going to talk about this in one of my classes next week, want to make sure I know what I'm talking about.