So. where's the extra channels?

Sure, before and after the transition i was really happy that i have 15 choices as opposed to 5, or 4, but i was hoping that after June 12th we'd have more coming. so where are they?


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not in your town nor mine. The one that was added is of little interest to me and horrible horrible picture quality. US Sports or something like that from NBC. They try and squeeze in 2.13 mbps.

I was watching the day it came on. They had high diving. When the divers did flips, they turned into a blur. So how exactly do you judge yourself how well they dove if all you see is a blur?

It goes back to the question. Do you want the best possible HD on the main channel, or get HD Lite and expand the number of subchannels.

I myself choose go with HD Lite and give me subchannels I can watch.

It's like my local PBS squeeze PBS World into 1.26 mbps, it looks like total crap. But they do that so they still send a decent HD program on the main channel.

But the next person says it's ok to either don't have subs or let them look like crap.

No compromise.


We've gained eight new channels, here.

7-2 is This TV
44-2 is PBS World
44-3 is PBS Create
44-4 is PBS Kids
68-1 is ION
68-2 is qubo
68-3 is ION Life
68-4 is a religious channel

We didn't receive channel 68 well-enough when it was analog, but it comes in perfectly now that it is digital.
Frak! i wish they had PBS Kids 24/7 here! that's the best part of the channel. i get PBS normal, PBS local highlights (hearings, court cases, boooring!) and PBS -3, which says 'under construction' and has radio from 88.3FM playing. so hopefully they *may* put a 24/7 PBS Kids channel on. but i doubt it.

I was hoping that freeing analog would make tons more digital opportunities happen, but i guess not. :(


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I was hoping that freeing analog would make tons more digital opportunities happen, but i guess not. :(
Freeing analog REDUCED the digital opportunities!

They auctioned off channels 52-69, for a total loss of 18 channels.

Left us with VHF lowband that is worthless, or lossing 5 more channels. Even if you argue that channels 5 and 6 are useable with high power with distant spacings. that is still a loose of 3.

So we lost between 21 to 24 channels "freeing analog".....

Can you imagine in saturated markets the opportunities over time that would have give? Plus not having 2 VHF and even UHFs so danged closely spaced in the Gulf Coast Region?

Then you get into the religious argument over bandwidth vs more subchannels.

Not sure how recent Trip's information on WGBX-TV BOSTON is at this time, but it shows the main PBS in 480i. If this is true, this is what I would mean by a trade off for more subchannels.

The outright lies by the telco industry, supported by the NAB to cover it's bottom, along with an oligarchic FCC are now coming to light by those you DTVuser that have realized, "Hey this is not what we were told".


WGBX is (deliberately) an auxiliary channel to WGBH. The PBS affiliate in Boston operates two (6MHz) channels: WGBH Channel "2" (now on UHF19) and WGBX Channel "44" (now on UHF43). They operate one HD signal (2-1), and five SD signals (2-2, which is an SD simulcast of 2-1; 44-1; 44-2; 44-3; 44-4). There was never any intent or inclination towards the Boston PBS affiliate having two HD signals.