'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 9 Thoughts So Far


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Season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance has just kicked off on the Fox Network. I do like this series and watching the dancing competition, but I also have some strong opinions about what is right and wrong about these audition shows.

What is Wrong

First, there is just too much time given to celebrating the joys of being selected after the choreography rounds. They spend a lot of time watching these dancers scream about making it to the Vegas shows.

View attachment 1722 Second, in the beginning, the choreography round got more attention. Many times now it is just a mention with a minute of the audition. I'd rather see more of the dancing here and less of the celebration. The show is about dance: let's see how these people earned their way to Vegas, not listen to them scream about.

Third, Mary Murphy is so enthusiastic. I just want her to quiet down. The best thing about last season is that she'd had vocal problems and couldn't yell as much. Her hot tamale train yell is okay when it's once every few shows, but a few times per show is grating. They actually replaced Murphy one season and fans objected. I agreed with her return, but I still want her to keep it to talking and not screaming.

Fourth, I am tired of the fake out. It is not just on this show, but on several reality shows. It was probably perfected by Ryan Seacrest on American Idol, but I'm plain sick of it. Just tell the people if they are moving on or not and get on with it.

What is Right

First, the show educates about dance, and I have enjoyed that. I may not like all the genres, but it is a fun experience.

Second, just when I begin to get bored or think the screaming is too much, a spot of humanity pops up. In the first show, a woman who is married and the mom of two young kids auditioned. After the package piece was shown, she pointed out her husband and kids were in the audience. Judge Nygel Lythgoe brought the kids down to watch with the judges. He then gave the boy the ticket to Vegas to take to his mom, who was still performing. Then the youngest child, a little ballerina in the making was given the stage to dance, and she did, proving that all dancers start with small steps. It was adorable, priceless and precious. We didn't get to see as much of the son dancing, but apparently from the brief clip shown going to commercial, he got to do his thing, too. I love that a show takes time out of the audition to give these young kids a positive memory. They'll remember this forever. In fact, the third judge, Lil' C, while watching the little girl, commented quietly to Murphy that this is why the show was so good. I couldn't agree more.

Third, the show does promote dance, which is what Lythgoe has wanted all along since creating it. No matter what the ratings, the viewing public is learning about dance, being exposed to dance styles they don't know, and gaining an appreciation of it.

Fourth, Lythgoe can change and has. I clearly remember early on that he was quite harsh and mean. He probably wasn't quite on the level of Simon Cowell, but he had his moments. I remember the next year he came back and said he didn't want to be mean anymore, that he didn't like how he was. Since then, he totally altered his responses. Certainly, he does have moments, and some situations call for the harsh remarks, but as a rule, the man changed, and I like that. It makes him much more fun to watch and it enhances the show as well.