Software/Firmware on my set top boxes - XFinity


This is intended for Comcast employees. I tried calling but I just keep getting disconnected. Can someone please reinstall/reflash the software/firmware on my cable boxes, especially the one tittled TV 1 on the account. TV 1 just keeps refusing to load the GUI 70% of the time and stays on the channel it is currently at and does nothing until I reboot the box. That one is the one I really need done. Then 2 of my boxes refuse to load iTV with code ETV-1000. Like I said, people on the phone have suggested they would work on the software and firmware on all of the boxes, but before I can even authorize them to do it, I get disconnected. Can someone from Comcast please do this? When this software acts up, it gets really aggravating when rebooting it and waiting more than 6hrs. doesn't fix it.

This question, "Software/Firmware on my set top boxes," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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