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I realize that money is tight and you want to spend the least possible but hear me out.

With the current economic crisis, scientific development will be slowing down majorly for the next few years. Right now the best consumer televisions you can invest in for a reasonable price as well as a reasonable expectation that the technology will stay current for an extended length of time is a television that has a 1080i resolution.

Recently I went shopping at Best Buy and seen large screen models LCD models with this resolution that ranged from $900 to $3000. Mostly depending on size.

Another thing you want to keep in mind that LCD's loose brightness equal to 1/2 of their max output within the first ten years. So you will want to find a model that you can enjoy with the brightness at 50% or less intensity.


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I absolutely agree. There was a report in Wall Street Journal last week that said, retail stores are going to have an overstock of Television sets and Blue Ray players for the holiday season. Expect huge discount prices and deals.


That sounds great to me. I would love to have a Blue Ray Player. I just wish I had the extra money right now to get it. With Circuit City closing down, I am sure they have the big screen televisions and the Blue Ray players at an awesome price.
yeah I agree with you. I'm very happy with the tv that I have currently. It's a little over 2 years old but it's a great tv...just a little too small for our taste in the family room.


Back in February when the economy was flourishing, (or so I thought) we bought a large LG 1080p. I couldn't get it out of my mind that I wanted a big screen television to hang on the wall, and I knew exactly where I wanted to put it. You know how you get new car or truck fever and you want one so bad you just can't stand it. Well anyway, we bought our dream television and so far we love it. Hopefully with it being a 1080p, it will be good for quite a while.
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