Some email are not reaching me - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Some email are not reaching me", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I have been in touch with a supposed tech who told me I need to send copies of messages that companies are sending me that are bouncing back to them... really... said thank you but only half way meant it. I cannot receive my credit card statements from Target, I cannot always receive verification codes from my bank. I cannot receive egift cards. I have had my email address for a very long time... Adelphia, then Time Warner and now Spectrum/Charter. Until the latest ownership, my emails were never blocked from reaching me. You have filters on my email as you do everyone's I assume. I would rather receive all of my email and filter them myself. I have been doing it since 14.4k was blazing speeds and so much cooler than a telephone placed in a cradle and floppies the size of lps. I am paying for a full email account and not a portion as my bill went up 15% when you took over. I hope that my email is not disproportionate to my payment or if I pay less, will I get all of my mail? It would be ridiculous to get a generic email account in order to get all of my mail. Remove the filters.

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I have the same issue and I got the same idiotic response from tech support. Some emails come through, others do not. I hate Time Warner/Spectrum email While in Germany in December I could mo longer access TWC webmail which I have done for 20+ years, all what sudden, that is no longer possible and the same Tech guy told me, that TWC webmail is not accessible out of the US!! Incredible really!