Some interesting news on Fios speeds and Netflix


I happened to catch a blog describing how tests show that Fios customers are only getting a fraction of the speed they are paying for. The same tech blogger went through a VPN to get Netflix. These encrypted private networks tend to slow things down. But guess what? Netflix speed INCREASED. It was a conundrum for while until the VPN company responded to blogger Lily Hay Newman.

Golden Frog, the company that makes VyprVPN, sent me a statement about its interpretation of the situation. The company's CTO Philip Molter said,
We've seen a lot of people accuse Verizon of throttling. However, what is happening likely isn’t technically “throttling.” Instead Verizon is simply neglecting to deal with traffic congestion because they have no incentive to do so.
Netflix appears to be using Level3 to get to Verizon. If these Level3/Verizon links are saturated (reports are that they are), then performance through those links is going to suffer because the pipe is not big enough for all the bits that need to go through it. Golden Frog uses multiple backbone providers to get to Verizon customers, so we avoid those congested links. Our paths to Verizon are not congested.
Lily Hay Newman Suggest Verizon is just being slack and not dealing with congestion...because there is no incentive. Economics my friend. Economics.