some recap news about girls season 3

In the girls season 3 dvd box set,Ray and Hannah are crafting the Café Grumpy chalkboard sign. Well, Ray is crafting it. Hannah is claiming she's invented a term called "sexit" -- to leave a place in order to have sex. Ray shoots that down with a quick visit to (NSFW) but courteously says nothing about the horrid-even-for-Hannah camp shirt and too-short shorts combo she's wearing.
Enter a guy from the neighborhood (Patrick Wilson! Love that guy!) to complain that someone from Grumpy is leaving Grumpy trash in his cans. in the girls season 3 dvd box set, He's perfectly reasonably about it, but Ray is…Ray, sneering at the concept of neighborly politesse with an R-rated reference to "Kumbaya" and calling Patrick Wilson a "f------ pinko." Patrick Wilson is annoyed, but also kind of scared of Ray's "corporeal percussion," and leaves…
…and so does Hannah, claiming a "toxic work environment." Really, she's gone over to Patrick Wilson's house to gawk at it, then apologize, because of course she's the one who left the trash there. Her excuse is, for once, not completely self-serving, and when called on her crap, she is, for once, genuinely apologetic. "I will see you around, but not by your trash cans," she says, hands him back his lemonade glass, and reverts to Hannah form by laying a kiss on him. Hey, it's Patrick Wilson, so we totally get it, but we also got the feeling she was doing it to do it, so she could write about it. let's move to tv girls season 3 dvd box set.