Son gifted me a big tv. Need help with antenna!


Hello all,
Bear with me I am in my 60s.

I googled and googled and reached here.

I want free tv and I need y'all help in getting it!

TV Fool

My windows are in the exact opposite direction. That is South-west. I don't have an attic.
I m thibking of buying the mohu leaf 50.

I don't understand anything regarding antennas ie technical stuff.
The height is 15-20ft.
I don't think any one here with any kind of antenna knowledge would recommend the Leaf 50. The Mohu antennas are more marketing hype then anything else. There are better choices in indoor antennas. Winegard FL5000, Solid Signal HD-BLADE. There are so many variables involved in indoor reception that you really won't know until you try. Some building materials completely block signal, others only attenuate signal some. The best indoor antenna is often a small out door antenna. I always suggest trying a simple rabbit ear loop combo first. The price is right, they work quite well, and are sometimes all the antenna you need. RCA ANT111, or RCA ANT112.
Regardless of the antenna you try you are likely to need some coax and a barrel connector to make an extension to try different locations. Your signals are line of sight which is good, but over 40 miles away which could make indoor reception a bigger challenge. You will need to scan for antenna channels. Scanning for cable channels is a common mistake.
Before you spend a lot of money on things that might not work indoors at least try the simple rabbit ear loop approach to find out if there is any signal. You will need to experiment with placement of what ever you choose to try. From what I know of the FL6550A it might be a good choice, but if there is no signal getting into the building I wouldn't spend that kind of money. I can throw a lot of wild ideas your direction as others certainly can. Here are three of the first that come to mind. Eagle Aspen EASDTV2BUHF Directv Approved 2-Bay UHF Outdoor Antenna: Electronics
Creativity in placement and mounting will be required. If the building completely blocks signals there is not much you can do in the way of antenna that will help.
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:welcome: Youngmanp. Being in your 60's does not make one old!

The only advantage of a Leaf type antenna (Flatwave, Blade, etc.) is it looks nice stuck flat against a window. Since your windows are on the wrong side, cross that off your list. Do you rent? It's unusual for a home not to have any windows on the east side. A long run of coax cable might turn out to be the easiest solution -- even if that east window is in the basement.

Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee reception indoors. All those LOS (Line-Of-Sight) stations in your Fool report are no longer line-of-sight indoors! Your results will depend entirely on the building materials in the ceiling and walls. Trying a rabbit ear loop combo, as Steve suggested, is a reasonable first step. If you're happy with the results, we're done. If you get ZILCH, we're also done, unless you would consider installing an antenna on the roof. If you get a few stations, but want a bunch more, we can suggest an upgrade or two.

Good Luck,
manp, I just looked over Steve's links and I think he's in a funky mood today. He didn't link to anything he recommended! Steve, be kind to your elders. Wild ideas can mess people up.

Most Walmarts carry the RCA ANT111 or ANT112 with or without an "R" appended. Those are typical rabbit ear loop combinations. You can get one even cheaper if you order one of the Axis models "store to store" at Walmart, or with eBay: TV Antenna UHF VHF Digital Color Reception in Out Door | eBay

The RCA models have a little longer coax to start you out, but you might need more in any case.



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My questions are - what lies between your east facing walls and the tower? Another townhome? And what is the construction of your building? If there isn't much between your east wall and the towers, and your building is NOT stucco or a lot of metal, you have a decent chance at indoor reception.

Also, is there a place outdoors that faces East where you could mount a flat antenna on the wall?

If you can get a clear shot at about 72 degrees, you could get a LOT of channels with an antenna - CBS could be a problem since it is VHF. If you could live without CBS, then this would be a great antenna, indoors or out:
Antennacraft U4000 by Radio Shack. Since its from Radio Shack, you can return it if it doesn't work out.

And don't be concerned about the 60 year old thing. I'm 56. If I can do it, you can too. Hell, my dad is 75 and I'd be willing to bet he could do it!

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