Sonos ‘Sub’ Subwoofer Review

With it’s crafty one-of-a-kind design and wireless compatability, the Sonos Sub can be planted in any room of your house for aural entertainment.

The Sub began shipping today in 2 flavors; one a matte black exterior for $599 and the other in glossy black for $699 at, Best Buy, and Supposedly the opening price tags for both subwoofers are good for only 2 weeks.

Sonos Sub Review

Sonos has established itself in the wireless HiFi speaker ranks quite quickly, and as it heads into its 11 year of speaker production, its product line has grown as well.

Weighing in at 36 pounds, the Sub has clean lines and features a single slot in the middle of the until which houses two 6-inch drivers.

The Sub promises a one-button setup, which will automatically connect to your Sonos System, and if you have multiple Sonos system’s throughout your home, you will be given the option of which system can use the Sub.

How good is the audio output?

cNet has already tested the Sub and put it through the riggers of a bass torture test which the author seemed to indicate that it performed well, and mentioned that, “the bottom end becomes smoother and overall clarity improves,” when played through a range of different genres of music. It’s overall conclusion of the unit pointed more towards the Sonos being a complementary accessory if you aren’t already happy with the Play:3 or Play:5 speakers, but at a hefty price.

Slashgear was indifferent on its conclusion noting that the Sub was an expensive subwoofer, “If you’re willing to pay $699 for a component in your hi-fi speaker arrangement, you certainly wont be disappointed in the SUB.” Slashgear also posted some in-depth photos of the installation and software screenshots.

Engadget thought highly of the Sub, calling it “one of the better subwoofers in the field.” Where other reviewers have mentioned the high price of the Sub, Engadget felt that its price tag justified the performance.

Our Conclusion

One thing to note about Sonos and its audio equipment is that it operates in its own eco-system. Making the purchase of any of its equipment is dependent on if you’re going to stick with the brand throughout your home, much like the Apple ecosystem.

It’s always best to test out home theater and audio equipment in an isolated setting, but based on innitial reviews of the Sonos Sub, we think it’s safe to assume its a product worth considering.