Sony’s BRAVIA 2013 HDTV lineup with Wi-Fi, NFC remote, and MHL

Sony is delivering their new Bravia line (shipping now) of HDTVS and they boast a host of features. Let’s go through the feature set of their new W-series TV lineup for 2013.

The W-series TVs, KDL-[W900A|W802A|W605A], are all Wi-Fi enabled. With Wi-Fi, there is easy access to the local network, therefore, there is easy access to multimedia on the local network and the Internet.

More than that, these TVs have screen mirroring capabilities via Wi-Fi. The W900A model ships with a remote that is packing NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

What this means is that when tapping an NFC-compatible phone (or other device) to the remote, screen mirroring will be activated (i.e. what you see on the NFC device, you will see on the TV).

There is also MHL support for wired mirroring. And remember, both devices (the TV and phone) do not have to be MHL-compatible. There are adapter cables that will tie them together and enable you to push your mobile screen to your TV.

The great thing is that you will be charging the smartphone the entire time too with MHL. This is necessary as the battery can drain quickly when pushing 1080p and audio out to the TV.

Additionally, all of these models use Sony’s X-Reality PRO picture processor. The “X-Reality” part of of X-Reality PRO will clean the video signal (which can be a bit blurry on some streaming TV signals and old home movies), and will remove blurred edges. Ultimately the action is more vivid and looks much sharper.

The “PRO” part includes the Reality Creation Database. This creates a near HD quality picture from an SD feed.

The KDL-W900A model comes in 55″, with a suggested retail price of $3,299. The KDL-W802A model is also available at the 55″ size and also at a smaller 47″. The starting retail price suggested is $1,799. The KDL-W650A model is smaller with a 32″ screen size and a suggested price of $799.