Sony 3D 'Dual-View'

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Sony puts 2 different images on the same HDTV with 3D ‘dual-view’ | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics

From the article:

... "Sony, pushing both 3D TVs and 3D gaming, recently revealed an interesting technology that could end screen looking once and for all.

Dubbed “Dual-View”, the technology changes what two players in the same room see on-screen depending on where they’re seated. Essentially, the game screen would no longer need to be divided into smaller sections to accommodate multiple players each doing their own thing. No more screen looking. No more split-screen. No more squinting. “Dual View” would offer each player the entire screen." ...


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Neat concept, maybe 3D TV's are good for something after all :)
With a set of headphones for each person, the wife could watch one TV show while the husband watched another. The couple would still be sitting together, and enjoying their own shows.


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I use the Dual View feature on my LG 3D TV! It's actually pretty damn awesome. FINALLY can do tournaments with a group of my friends on Black Ops without someone screening me. LOL.