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One of my local PBS stations carries NHK World from Japan and this morning they had a very interesting show about digital image capturing and the future of extreme high-definition television. It is the first episode of a series about new Japanese technologies.

From the website:

"The first episode focuses on SONY. SONY's Walkman once attracted the people around the world. But for the last decade, SONY has not released such a huge hit product. Meanwhile, it placed digital imaging technology a core business and aims to make a comeback to the world market with it. From motion picture, television to smartphone, SONY introduces advanced-quality products exceeding high-definition technology one after another." ...

NHK WORLD TV | J-TECH Innovation & Evolution

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I know some guys working in video who are talking 4K. I have seen a Sony HD camera capable of 4K. Red has it. here is another interesting link from RED.
Human Eyesight & 4K Viewing

I do not shoot at that rez since none of my work requires it. very interesting though.

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