Sony and JVC offer LED backlit TVs in Spring of 2009

Consumer electronics companies based in Japan are going to be offering new LED backlit LCD TVs starting this spring. According to a recent article in NikkeiNet, the manufacturers will be offering LED backlit LCD TVs that run on less power and have Internet connectivity. According to the article, Sony is hopes to launch its new LED backlit TV this coming spring. Sony claims that the TV will offer the industry's lowest power consumption. The TV reportedly utilizes a more efficient backlight and special filter that passes the light through more easily.
From - Solid State Lighting Net - Document

These TVs run so much more efficiently than LCDs (in regards to power consumption) as mentioned in the article. My LCD puts out so much heat, and I'm willing to bet an LCD backlit TVs will not heat up my living room as much either. Time to talk the wife into a new TV again this year. ;)