Sony announces 360° 3D prototype display

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Sony announces 360

From the article:

"If all the 3D video devices hitting the market this year haven’t been quite enough to satiate you, Sony’s latest innovation just might do the trick. Sony engineers have developed what could be the first 360 degree, holographic, high-definition display on its way to the consumer market.

Known as the RayModeler 3D, the prototype display uses an array of special LED lights to create a full color, life-like 3D image. The display is also autostereoscopic, meaning that no special glasses are required to view it." ...


I'd love to see a demonstration of this. I wonder if you have to prep the room somehow, in a similar way that laser shows use fog? Maybe the room would have to be totally dark?

I'm imagining a 32" version of Lady Gaga dancing on my coffee table...