Sony DAV-IS10: Is this a good Home Theater in a box?


I'm kind of in the market for a small home theater system. Something cheap, not "boomy", yet good enough to play at low volumes in a apartment. It looks like the DAV-IS10 has fallen in price to the $350 price range which is perfect. Does anyone own this system or a previous generation?


It's not exactly PC, but in the home cinema industry the phrase ‘Wife Acceptance Factor' is often used when talking about the design of a product.But it's not just the speakers that make this system easy on the eye


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This actually is a very good set up to look into. Considering the cost and the ease of use I can not imagine you finding a much better deal.

We are looking into this as well but only because my brother has it and there have been no issues or complaints thus far.
The speakers are good for the price, I will have to admit that. For that price range, you are open to a lot of options though. You can build yourself one hell of a surround sound system from about $400 only.


It's affordable and the audio quality is good and it's even compact so it will not take up much space, The Sony DAV-IS10 is a fine home theater system in my opinion.
I've always heard good things about Sony's Home Theater in a box speakers. They're not going to win any sound awards, but they're great for the cost.

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