Sony HDTVS: 2013 Lineup

Thomas G

Here is Sony's 2013 HDTV lineup. Bunch of new features this year with more Smart TV technology which allows for more content through the internet and a new 4K Ultra HD in their lineup with the X900 series.


X900 Launch Date: Spring of 2013

4K Super HD also known as UHD or Ultra HD (3,840x2,160 pixels), available in 55 and 65-inch sizes. The X900 series is the top of the line that Sony has in its HDTV lineup.

Features: 3rd Generation Gorilla Glass, edge-lit LED (local dimming), passive 3D, internet connectivity with wi-fi and Smart TV with Sony apps, near field communication (NFC) for connection and transfer to NFC compatible smartphones.


W900 Launch Date: Spring 2013

Replaces outgoing 2012 KDL-HX850 series models. Available in 55-Inch (model KDL-55W900A) and other sizes though Sony hasn't released details yet on what sizes.

Features: Smart TV, active 3D, edge-lit LED (local dimming), NFC, Gorilla Glass face, built-in HD camera for Skype Video.


Replaces 2012 HX750 and 850 models. Available in 47-inch and 55-inch sizes.

Features: passive 3D, edge-lit LED, Smart TV, NFC.


Only model available right now is 32-Inch 32W650 edge-lit LED LCD. Features: passive 3D and Smart TV.

R Series

“R” models consist of 550, 450 and 400. The R550 HDTVs will be available in sizes 70, 60 and 50-inch.

Features include: passive 3D, Smart TV, and edge-lit LCD.

The KDL40R450 will be a 40-Inch edge-lit Smart TV, while the KDL32R400 will be an 32-Inch edge-lit entry level HDTV.
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