Sony KDL-55W900A - Is it worth buying?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Thinking about getting a Sony KDL-55W900A.

Pricing right now is $2,800 which is pretty hefty compared to other 55". I know it's Sony's top of the line, but are there any other 55" HDTVs that are comparable?

Looks like it'll come with 4 3D glasses, so I guess there's no additional fees after buying, lol, but I really want to get a good HDTV on this next purchase, so any thoughts would be great.

Or should I spend a ton of coin and get the 4K Ultra HDTV for which there's no content yet! :eyes:
One thing about the W900 series this year is that it has a premium built-in speaker, which means zilch to people with a full home theater systems with speakers.

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