Sony or Microsoft?


I don't want to argue or get into fanboy business, just ask the question it always comes down to. Sony or Microsoft? (or Nintendo maybe?) Which console do you have or which one would you choose if you were planning to buy one?

Personally I only have a good, old PS2... The rest, the newer generations I have only played on my friends' devices. I would buy PS3/4 without many doubts, really, the only doubt I have is the contoller - Microsoft wins here without hesitation. I use X360 controller to play on PC and I can imagine using anything else. With handhelds, I don't think there's a Microsoft choice available, but when I still used handhelds and not my smartphone, I always went with Nintendo (played good old Game Boy, owned GB Advance and Nintendo DS :) )

What about you?


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What I don't like about newer game machines -

  1. The cost of games. $60, seriously?
  2. The trend away from physical media - If you can't re-sell it after you pay for it, you really never owned it, did you?
  3. The reliance on "subscriptions" to use online 3rd party services (You need to pay for "Live" before you can watch the Netflix you've already paid for, on the Xbox you already paid for).
  4. The ability of Microsoft or Sony updates to remove the features that you bought the machine for. (Sony's removal of an "other OS" option on PS3)

I only own some older game machines -

  1. PSP: an awesome machine that Sony never marketed, supported, or updated properly - The internet browser sucks, and wireless "b"? Seriously?
  2. PS2: Yes, the original FAT PS2. One of the all time best selling game machines.
  3. Nintendo DS (Slim): My daughter's. I don't think it compares to my PSP, but Nintendo did a better job of marketing and upgrading.
  4. Sega Genesis: Both the original console and a modern $39 "clone" w/ 80 games built in. Kids love it!
  5. Game Boy Color: Yes, it still works. And the kids still play it.

The best thing about old game machines is the price of games - online or at my local independent game store, 99 cents and up.
I love my Xbox 360. Perhaps it is because I am more of a casual gamer, I like the fact that my xbox can do other things. Currently, our satellite tv is out so the Xbox is serving as our living room hub, if you will. We have been watching Netflix, Hulu and YouTube on it and there have been a few times I forgot that our satellite feed was out. Someday I will move up to an Xbox One. Microsoft all the way.
I would have to say Microsoft is the best only because Microsoft has an advantage over Sony. Microsoft is one of the top software programs in the world. Smartphones are now Microsoft capable. The phones also has X-box access. When I had the Alcatel, which is a T-Mobile phone I was able to connect to x-box 360 , on my phone. Brilliant.
MrPogi you are absolutely right. When we break everything down cost wise, it's crazy. But then it comes to quality. Yes x-box 360 and PS3 may be expensive yet the quality is outstanding. For those who have the money to spend on these machines, I tell them go head. But for those like me who can't really afford it then I take into consideration the cost. Luckily my bf just made a good trade for a PS3 that has been used regularly for a 22" flat screen . The PlayStation 3 is red too.


I've just recently begun to consider buying X360 or PS3. I'm not chasing the new generation and I'm definitely not going to buy something that may still be bugged when a new version is due to appear in a few months, maybe a year. Which one will I get? It's just that Heavy Rain is so tempting...


Depends.... I own a ps2 original Xbox Xbox 360 and xbox one. mainly now cause majority of my buddies are on LIVE and i got the Xbox one as a gift But personally id stick with Sony