Sony puts off OLED HDTVs for now

Was hoping to see the OLED market heat up this year and prices come down, but it looks like Sony is not even getting into the game until maybe next year. Cool technology but if they wait too long, something better will come out. ;)

Surprised by its inability to sell truckloads of $2,500 11-inch versions CEO Howard Stringer decided to put the project on the back burner, apparently more focused on things like competing in Wal-Mart and implementing cheaper LED technology for its LCDs. With LG also on a timetable that puts us a year or more away from seeing one of these on store shelves in decent sizes, things are up to Samsung to bring it home -- we're waiting.
Sony's big plans for OLED HDTVs may slip to next year


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Hey, whats up Tom.

First off, I dont think that the 3.3" OLED screen is HD (not even 720p). However it uses an ultra low power NVIDIA chip to handle 720p video, and can output it via its HDMI interface.
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