Sony's $30k+ Life Space UX projector all-in-one puts a 147-inch 4K screen on any wall


Hot off the press thanks to Terrence O'Brien

You can tell the veterans from the young upstarts at CES simply by how they announce products. Simply putting a new device on stage and feeding you specs is pretty much amateur hour. (Though, it does make the lives of tech journalists much easier.) The big boys know that you've got to bury a product launch among piles of hyperbole and abstract concepts that will (supposedly) improve your entire state of being. Enter Life Space UX. Sony's concept for a world where your walls become virtual windows into the world around you. You could, for instance, project the sky at various points of the day across your living room walls. (Now, why you'd want to do that, is a different question.) At the heart of the concept is a new Ultra Short Throw Projector that can fill a wall with a bright moving image from an extremely close distance. Specifically it can fill 147 inches of wall space with a full 4K image. There's even a pair of built in speakers and a cabinet for hiding your various home theater components. But, as you'd expect from something like this, the price tag is not for mere mortals (or those with heart conditions). Sony is hoping to start shipping the short throw projector this summer for between $30,000 and $40,000.
So, this article brings up some obvious questions for the practical implementation of the technology:
1 - To really get a 4K projection on a wall, what are the requirements for the wall? Seems silly, but do you have to have flat/gloss paint, does the wall need to be painted white? Do you need to eliminate all background lights from windows? Do you need to have a certain type of artificial light or no light in the room to achieve the rated display?
2 - If the unit cost is $30-40K, how much do replacement light bulbs cost for the HD 4K projector?
3 - What is the required distance from the wall for the projector? I can totally see this mucking up the best designed "Man Cave" out there which didn't take into account having a projector inside of the appropriate viewing distance from the wall...of course, I rekon if you have the money to buy this, you have the money to redesign your Man Cave.