Sound but no picture



I have sound but no picture on one of my two TVs. I would suspect my HDMI/DVI cable, but it transmits video from my blue ray player.

I have two TVs, and have swapped the boxes, and each box behaves the same on that TV.

My set up is HDMI from X1 box to home theater amplifier (also have a by ray player hooked up to amp.) From there, output is a 50' HDMI-to-DVI cable to my TV. (I have also swapped the amp inputs to make sure it is not a circuit there.)

All was working fine. Plumbers working under the house running a new gas line today in the area of the HDMI / DVI cable. However, I see no cuts, dents, breaks, etc. And it transmits amp out signal from my blue ray just fine.

Rebooting X1 gives me the welcome, then black, then I get audio but no video.


"Sound but no picture," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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