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Sound keeps cutting in and out randomly on all channels. Been problem since installed in 12/16. Tech has been here replaced genie etc same problem said must be tv problem. Read something about software. Is this available? Using with Samsung 4k

This question, "Sound cutting out," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

Zeno Zarley

take output from digital audio coax to a converter that converts it to analog and use the analog output into your
tv or sound bar input. Worked to solve the problem for me. I have a Samsung series 8000 65 inch tv and the genie 4k client box.


I have had this problem for almost one year. 6 technicians and new boxes still the same. Very frustrating. Ever since ATT took over the feed sucks

disgruntled customer

So then it's a DOLBY problem??? I see this same problem listed back into 2005. Might be earlier but I haven't looked back that far. WTH man?


We are having the same problem, very frustrating! We have been trying everything to fix and it’s not working :( We just switched from cable to Directv and I can’t take this audio issue!
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