Sound system for the blind


My aunt is blind and to make up for it, her hearing is sharp. She hears things I never could. We want to get her a new sound system, but it needs to be a good one as reasonably priced as possible. She has an incredible ability to dissect sound. We welcome opinions on what we could get to enhance her listening pleasure.

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:welcome: Sharp Shopper,

Personally, having mixed live music and talk over the years, I cannot recommend any new sound systems you would find at a big-box store. The only absolute I must suggest, is for you to select a new AM-FM Tuner for your Aunt that supports HD AM & FM Radio.

Many communities now have stations that provide many "secondary channels" available to be received in "digital quality" which is "CD or BluRay" quality. HD Digital Radio &bull; IT&rsquo;S TIME TO UPGRADE! <--- I am offering this link with no financial or any personal connections.

I understand a 'trained ear' is close to a 'required ear' as a blind person often developes. Given that as a starting point, I suggest you take your Aunt to your and her friends homes and have her tell you what is wrong with their audio systems. That way, you will learn what SHE wants to hear or perhaps worded better, what she hears that you currently cannot. Stand back and think about that.

My best wishes to you and your Aunt and please keep us updated regarding your progress in building her a new sound system.