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The nanny advocates time out, but what ever happened to spanking? What's the census here....? Call me old fashioned, but I still believe in spank here and there- is that wrong?


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That's the way I was raised, and I DO believe it's a motivating factor for child rearing. Just not the only one.

One thing I do hate to see is a mom in a car reaching over to smack her kids in the back seat, which seems ridiculous, especially while on the road and driving.


I personally think time out is the first option. If it doesn't work then a small spank on the butt. I don't think you should slap your kids across the face.

Of course supernanny isn't going to tell you to spank though.


In most cases time out works if used properly. That is why Supernanny takes the time to explain the rules of time out to the parents.

If Supernanny condoned spanking it would probably cause many parents to use beating their kids as an excuse because Supernanny said it was fine.

I am not big on spanking, but once in a while it may be necessary.


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my father is so strict that i still can remember how he discipline us but he don't spank us every now and then if we commit mistakes, my mom will the moderator then, she talks to us.


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I was raised with the threat of spankings, and that usually scared me straight. The fact that it could be a possibility, made me behave. I dont necessarily agree with spankings or even threats, but it worked for me....
If Supernanny condoned spanking it would probably cause many parents to use beating their kids as an excuse because Supernanny said it was fine.

I am not big on spanking, but once in a while it may be necessary.
Can you imagine the lawsuits?? ;) We've gotten by without spankings for the most part in our house, but we regulate behavior on a small reward system which includes book time, game time, and time out for bad behavior.


Reasons Not to Hit Kids

Most compelling of all reasons not to spank are the following (which can be verified by people who were actually spanked themselves by doing a little research):

"Even without sexual motives on the part of the punisher, spanking can interfere with a child's normal sexual and psychological development. Because the buttocks are so close to the genitals and so multiply linked to sexual nerve centers, slapping them can trigger powerful and involuntary sensations of sexual pleasure. This can happen even in very young children, and even in spite of great, clearly upsetting pain."
Tom Johnson Sexual Dangers of Spanking Children

“...The buttocks are the locus for the induction of pain in a child. We are familiar with the argument that it is a safe ‘locus’ for spanking. However, the anal region is also the major erotic region at precisely the time the child is likely to be beaten there. Thus it is aptly chosen to achieve the result of deranged sexuality in adulthood...” 1971 (p. 113)

David Bakan, Slaughter of the Innocents,1971 (p. 113)

“Advocates of corporal punishment in schools should examine very carefully the weight of evidence now available and, particularly in light of the pornographic component, consider whether they can justify the continuation of a system with such a capacity for exciting unhealthy interest.”
British Psychological Society, “Report on Corporal Punishment in Schools” (1980)

“But what you would not so readily believe upon my affirmation, was that there are persons who are stimulated to venery by strokes of rods, and worked up into a flame of lust by blows... A strange instance what a power the force of education has in grafting inveterate ill habits on our morals...”

Johann Heinrich Meibom, physician, 1629

Unpleasant as this information is, we do our children a great disservice when we fail to acknowledge its truth.

Had we not turned a blind eye to the unpleasant phenomena of clergy abuse of children 40-50 years ago, many children would have been spared its consequences.

To learn more about this issue, visit main

Plain Talk About Spanking
Plain Talk About Spanking

The Sexual Dangers of Spanking Children


I don't spank my kids. I take away their privileges when they make bad choices. Although I'm lucky to have 2 perfect angels that rarely need discipline.