Speaker popping and crackling!

What causes speaker popping and crackling noises? I am only getting it on my living room TV which has the channel master 7001 hooked to the TV via a hdmi cable. I just replaced an rg5.9 cable with rg6.0 which helped boost my signal from the mid 30% to mid-upper 40% range. I understand these numbers are purely subjective but you can see the % increase.

Here is my setup:

Hub-33 antenna mounted on chimney stand off pole
Rg6.0 cable connects to splitter under eave of house
Rg6.0 run in attic, one to master about 15' run directly to TV with NO issues. Tv is a dynes with builtbin tuner.
Other cable goes through the attic with two splices, but all rg6.0 cabling. Length may be 50' to tv. This is the living room tv.

I was thinking about running a test cable directly from the antenna to the LR tv to try and eliminate issues with the length of run and splices.

One other question is what causes my CM-7001 to shut off and reset on certain channels? I've gotten this on both TV's.

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Does this happen randomly or a 'schedule'? My first thought would be something (literally) sparking, such as an ignitor for a gas furnace or gas clothes dryer which both cycle. My steel cased CM-7000 converter box (OR) my old plastic cased CRT Toshiba TV is wiped-out -- both audio and video whenever our cell phones hunt. I have also noticed momentary pops or signal loss when I turn on certain other devices that are on the same electrical circuit such as my desktop electric fan.

I suspect if you had a powerline "spike filter" such as those that were available dirt cheap for home/office computers twenty years ago, that might resolve the 'popping'. They require (modern) 3-wire grounded duplex outlets to do their job, so if you live in 'this old house' you may need to establish a ground wire.

Hey, I'm shooting off my hip because it only 'bothers' your living room TV. I hope this helps and I'm looking forward to read other responses.


PS The Toshiba I mentioned above is on a two-wire electrical circuit in the corner of my basement and others TV's here are not bothered by powerline spikes.
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It is very random but today it was pretty bad at 6pm, so I thought it might be from a weak signal or too much signal? It seemed to happen across all channels as well so maybe not a power issue. I know the cell phone search popping and this is not it. I may try the line filter and see if that resolves it.