Special Antenna for HDTV?

Do I need a certain kind of antenna for HDTV? I'm buying a new one today and giving my converter box to a friend. I've been using rabbit ears and Wii on the old TV and I'm hoping I won't need to spend any more than I have to. If someone could help me by tonight that would be great. :)


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SnL, welcome to the forum.

No there is no such thing as a specieal antenna for HDTV, though many of the manufactures if not all would want you to believe that. A TV antenna is a TV antenna.

If the Rabbit Ears worked with your converter box, they will more than likely work with your TV.

Your friend may or maynot need a need antenna. Regarding what I said about an antenna is antenna is true, but DTV in a lot of cases takes a more powerful antenna. But if your friend lives near you and you just used rabbit ears, then most likely that is all they need.


All that said, do you receive all you local channels?

Do your rabbit ears also have a loop?

Hope you love your new TV !! :mad:)
I like the TV so far! Have had it for a couple days now and it works well with my old antenna. Took me forever to figure it out. I never realized you have to scan for channels even if it's a brand new TV. :) :) :) Now I need to figure out how to connect everything else to it.


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Just like in the past you had to turn the dial to find stations, pretty much from here on out, everything time you change TVs or change antennas, the standard operating procedure is re-scan. When in doubt, re-scan.