Special Deals for Apartment Community?

I recently moved into a new apartment community and was given a special number to call to set up Comcast service, along with the name of a specific rep.

When I called today, I was told that they didn't offer the Triple Play in my new apartment (despite what the comcast website says), but that they could give me a "deal" for TV/Internet for $69/month.

Since I had wanted the Triple Play Plus package (with more channels), I asked about this, and was told that the $69/month "is the more channels", and that it had "250 channels".

Could this be some special deal for people in the community, or was the rep likely lying to get me off the phone? He was not very helpful and his attitude was pretty bad. I felt very rushed to just schedule the appointment and get off the line.


The rep would have no reason to lie about that, as far as I can tell. It is not at all uncommon for the owner of a property where there is an apartment building to enter into a special agreement with a local supplier, and yes that agreement could indeed result in a more limited set of service offerings for tenants, though typically at a lower price (often part of which is included in the rent, thereby guaranteeing the supplier a certain number of customers from the property), but sometimes not (or sometimes the benefit goes back to the landlord in some way).