Specific question about grounding my antenna


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So far we grounded the coax cable by installing a grounding block and connecting it with 12 gauge wire to a metal plate that Time Warner Cable installed on our electrical panel. Is this a correct grounding technique? I only ask because I read a lot on the sticky post in this forum about a grounding rod.

Also, to ground the antenna, it is my understanding that the wire should be connected to the chimney mount in order to properly ground the antenna. Is this correct or is the grounding wire supposed to be attached somewhere to the antenna mast?

I'm sorry if these are repetitive questions. I did some research, but found mixed information and want to make sure my specific application is correct. We are in SoCal, but if rain and lightning ever do come, I want to be safe.


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The "General Electrical Ground" for your house, which your antenna should be grounded to, is either a grounding rod near where electricity enters your house, or a water pipe near where city water enters your house.


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Here is the link to what the TWC installer used connected to the service: Front Clamps for Ground Wire (PVSC51CF) from Solid Signal

And here is what we followed for grounding: Ground antenna directly to outside electrical panel? - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

"Can I ground the antenna (coax and mast) to the main electrical service panel outside of my house?
Yes, if it constitutes service entrance equipment (where the electric company provides power to your house). Use a device listed for the purpose. Don't connect to an existing screw or just drive a sheet metal screw into the metal."


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The only time you need to use 12ga wire and a Ground Rod, is when you have a formal "Pole" type Mast (20'-40'), which sets on/near the earth.
Given that you're using a Chimney Mount, you need to connect your Coax to the C-Mount first, you can do that with a couple of the following...
Channel Master CM3274 Ground Block (CM3274) from Solid Signal
Attach one Block to your C-Mount just below the Antenna, then connect it with Just a short piece of Coax from your Balun to the Block, then down with the longer piece Coax.

As you approach the Ground Source (the Electrical Panel may be ok*) install the second Block on it, or, near it and use the Ground Clamp you linked in your post, with 16 ga wire. If you mount the Block on your Electrical Box, you won't need to use any wire at all.

You can not protect your system from a direct strike, and the 16 ga has sufficient continuity to drain off static.

The above process has nothing to do with safety, and grounding a Mast for all general purposes is marginally effective.

* = Additionally, IF your Electrical Box doesn't have a Ground Rod connected to it, you're probably going to exacerbate signal problems.
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