Specs on the Access HD DTA1020D Converter Box

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Overall this looks like a good buy, but hard to find in stores and on the net. Is this available anywhere yet? Where's the analog pass-through feature?!?!​

Standard Features

• Channel 3/4 software selectable
• Infra red remote control
• V-chip parental control (version 2.0)
• AC3 Dolby Digital Stereo down mixing
• MPEG-1 layers 1, 2, 3 (MP3)
• 3’ 75 ohm RF cable with F-type connectors
• Sleep timer
• UL, FCC, and NTIA approvals

• Single RF input (IEC 169-24 F-Type)
• Single RF (F-Type) output
• Composite video (RCA yellow connector)
• Analog stereo RCA audio output (RCA white and red connectors)

• 2 MB Flash
• 16 MB DRAM

Power Supply
• External high efficiency switch mode power supply
• 110V, 60HZ
• Standby and sleep mode power saving feature.

Converter Dimensions
• 5”W x 5”D x 1.3”H
• Weight: 1.0 lbs.

Carton Dimensions (approx.)
• 7.9”W x 8.9”D x 2”H
• Weight: 1.5 lbs gross, 1.3 lbs net

Master Carton and Pallet Dimension
Master carton 12-pack: 16.3”W x 12.9”D x 9.5”H

Pallet, 1224 pieces: 43” x 50” x 98”
40’ HC container quantity: 22,032 pieces
UPC code 1020-D: 891523000468
UPC code 1020-U: 891523000604
Master carton code 1020-D: 10891523000465

Master carton code 1020-U: 10891523000601

Source: http://www.accesshd.tv/assets/pdfs/DTA1020.pdf

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some radio shacks sell them as well my local one does but they are a local owned store not a corporate store. so check with your local radio shack. also have been hearing something about heating problems with the boxes but that maybe the older one.:)