Specs on the Memorex MVCB1000 Converter Box

Jason Fritz

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Just spotted this unit today (8/24/08) being sold at a local Walmart for 69.99 and it's elgible for purchase with a $40 government converter box coupon, which brings the price down to $29.99 without taxes.

Product Manual at (Comment: The manual is such a poor translation to English, would expect something a little more professional from a company like Memorex): http://www.memorexelectronics.com/manuals/MVCB1000OM.pdf

Specs (Comment: Not much info available from the manufacturer): MVCB1000 Product Detail Page#

Product Features

  • Converts digital broadcasts to your analog TV
  • Electronic program guide and program information
  • Parental control function
  • Auto tuning (finds all digital broadcasts)
  • Closed captioning



I ppurchased 2 of these units waiting for the day they would be needed. I decided to plug them in early since most of my local stations had started switching over. Upon plugging in the unit, reading the manual, and searching for stations; my units cannot seem to locate any channel under 13. This means the major networks of 4, 5 7, 9, and 11 elude me. So far I am not happy with this unit. I am currently letting a friend use it to see if he has better results.


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Hey Boats,
Just for my knowledge, did your setup include an antenna (indoor or outdoor)? I'm curious to see if you get similar results with your next converter box (CECB).


I bought this converter box, but i lost the remote control, any of you know where i can buy a repacement??? I used an universal remote, but it doens't worked, do you know what universal remote works with this box???