Spectrum app error code o502 - TWC TV and Apps


My family has been using the TWC/Spectrum app for several months now with no real hitches. The app isn't perfect but that's another post.

As of today, the Spectrum app downloaded to our Xbox one device no longer works and gives us an error reading, "we're sorry, Spectrum TV is currently unavailable. Please try again later. Error code o502 "

We've tried all the troubleshooting below without any success:
- restarted the Xbox console
- uninstalled and reinstalled the Spectrum app/logged out and back into app
- confirmed internet connectivity to xbox; all other services work properly or online gaming, YouTube app, hbogo app all perform as normal
- reset modem successfully

Is this a system wide issue? Has anyone else had this issue?

This question is about "Spectrum app error code o502", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps.